Thursday, June 4, 2009

Medics, Nurses, ER Docs, Hospitalists, Anesthesiologists, and Surgeons; A Big Thanks to You All

My Dad has multiple medical problems and, this past weekend, compounded them (no pun) by falling and sustaining an intertrochanteric fracture with a varus deformity.

I have already thanked the actual individuals involved in his care, but wanted to post a big warm fuzzy to the all the professions as a whole because I know you guys don't get to hear "thank you" enough.

From the moment the 911 call was made to when Dad was taken off the vent and transferred from the ICU his care was phenomenal. His pre-op problems made him a poor surgical risk and he had some not unexpected post anesthesia problems so I know that his care had to be managed carefully.

I like to think karma or whatever actually endowed the medics with all the positive attributes of Amubulance Driver, Medic March, TOTWTYTR, Izzy, and EE, the nurses with the caring and compassion of Nurse K and Guitar Girl, the ER Docs, Surgeons, and Hospitalists with the wisdom of Scalpel, Grunt Doc, 911, and Happy, and the Anesthesia folks with the abilities of Anesthesoboist and Michelle.

I never said a word to anybody or identified myself as a healthcare professional. For all anyone knew, I was just Mr. V's concerned son. (It wasn't until he was in the ICU post-op that one of the attendings recognized our last name. He had trained with my brother).

So to all of you out there on the frontlines; THANK YOU from Mr. V and his son!

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EE said...

Prayers for your family! Glad he's doing well!

Thank you!