Saturday, May 2, 2009

The last time I took the kids to the range my daughter shot a newish Sig 239, single stack, 8 round, 9mm, at the range and really liked it. She spotted it at the rental rack and wanted to shoot it "because it looks like Ziva's (NCIS) gun!" (Despite the fact Daddy brought a .45, a Hi-Power 9mm, and a S&W 422 .22 cal)

For a 10 year old, she handled it well and kept her rounds in center of mass. I tried it and really liked it too.I got to talking to the range master and he said I ought to look at the Sig P6 (225) since I already have a 220 in .45 acp. The P6 is a West German police trade in gun. It is an older, 8 round single stack, 9mm that is basically a cut down 220. Sorta like what the Colt Commander is to the 1911. I found one at J&G sales for $411 total for a "hand select". There are other places that might have it for less but J&G had them in stock ready to ship, so I ordered it and it arrived today.

I am very pleased with my purchase. It is a typical cop gun. Carried a lot and shot little. The innards are pristine. There is a little holster wear around the muzzle but that is it. For about half the price of a new 239 I've got what is shaping up to be a great carry piece. It digested everything put through it including some Wolff 9mm. It exhibits typical Sig workmanship and accuracy. The one I have was made around 1971. It has an alloy frame and steel slide.The only down sides so far are the cost of factory mags (~40.00) and the fact it is a single stack in a world of high capacity pistols. However, the plus is, because of the slim magazine, it conceals like a dream. It is very lightweight. My Blackhawk Serpa paddle holster and a leather IWB holster for the 220 both work with it. All in all, if you are looking for a good deal in high quality pistol I can recommend this. It's also kind of cool to have the "little brother" to my 220.

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EE said...

A) Your daughter is cool for saying that!
B) Nice gun! I'm jealous.