Saturday, January 24, 2009

Be prepared...

I am extremely proud of my oldest son (10 y/o) today. We went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the ribs we're fixing tonight. As we were leaving the store a little old lady with a cane missed the curb and face planted without being able to break her fall. I saw it coming but couldn't move fast enough to catch her.

She hit the ground with that awful wet melon sound and lay still . She was perfectly prostrate with her face straight down, nose squashed, and her arms at her side, dorsum down. A puddle of blood was quickly forming around her face, bubbling every time she breathed.

Once a Medic always a Medic....I started my primary survey. Okay, I have A and B, but her airway wasn't going to stay patent in that position much longer. She was other wise non-responsive. A small crowd was starting to gather. One guy hollered he was dialing 911. An off duty cop and a nurse came up and asked what they could do. I decided we needed to log roll her because her breathing was becoming more labored. Before we did, my son tugged on my sleeve and said "Dad, give me your keys. I'll go get your bag". I gave him my keys and he took off across the parking lot.

With the cop holding c-spine, the nurse, myself, and a Sailor in the crowd log rolled her. My son arrived back, out of breath ,with my trauma bag (like I said, once a Medic...) opened it up and asked "what do you need Daddy?" Gloves, Penlight, gauze, OP airway, he handed me everything I asked for with little need for direction. The bleeding was mostly from the nose and forehead lac. Surprisingly her anterior teeth were intact. The Fire Dept arrived within a few more minutes and we turned her care over to them.

The cop came up and shook my son's hand and told him what a great job he did and that his Daddy should be very proud of him. Well, let me tell you. My heart was nearly busting with pride. In the middle of a crisis, my son came through without hesitation. Heck, he knew stuff I didn't even think he knew or remembered.

Nate the Great, you are a great Scout and your Daddy is very proud of you.


Ambulance Driver said...

Heh. KatyBeth made me proud in much the same way the other day.

DocV said...

Kid's will suprise and humble you , won't they?

By the way I'm honored you read my blog! Your blog helped inspire me to give it a try.

SeaSpray said...

Hi DocV - That's a great story. Sounds like you have a terrific son there.

And just maybe this day will be etched in his mind and a catalyst for going into the medical arena.

It was nice the cop gave him the acknowledgment and positive reinforcement. :)

EE said...

That is awesome.