Monday, March 22, 2010

Involuntary Servitude

New Jersey Assembly Bill , A.B. 4175, introduced on 23 November 2009 will require physicians, dentists, and nurses to complete 30 hours of volunteer service in their respective fields as a condition for biennial registration.

Well.....Guess what New Jersey? This is the final straw. You just lost another provider. Happy? Whose going to treat all those folks with insurance now?

Links added:

This one is the Academy of General Dentistry alert that just came out.
Scroll down to Region 4 to see it.

This is a link to the Bill itself:


Chrysalis Angel said...


midwest woman said...

Wow, did it pass? Indentured servitude indeed.

Tweety said...

This is an outrage. It is one thing to volunteer your time willingly but quite another to be forced to do so. Our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.

DocV said...

The legislative alert was just sent out last week. It sounds like the bill has been submitted but I don't think it has been voted on yet.

I didn't see any requirements for lawyers to provide 30 hours of pro bono work. How about the CPA's out there? Maybe funeral directors and barbers need to "volunteer" some time too. My license in another state just came through. I won't miss New Jersey.

Carol Ann said...

This is rediculous! I am a registered nurse and a licensed funeral director in NJ. I do not work in patient care anymore as I am in clinical research. How would I be expected to take care of patients who do not have insurance. I think the bill is obsured. As a funeral director, we do our share of community service. People who are covered under Medicaid, because of lack of funds for medical care, are also provided with funds for their funerals. The funding provided by the State of NJ is extremely low and doesn't even cover one-half of what a traditional funeral costs. Yet we are limited to a minimal amount that the family can contribute in addition to what Medicaid provides, yet we still provide the family and the deceased with the greatest respect and try to provide them with whatever type of funeral they need despite their limited funds and despite what the State provides. I think we provide our fair share of community service!

DocV said...

Carol Ann,

I did not know that about funeral services so I stand corrected. I just wrote down the first professions that are licensed by the state that popped into my mind.

I also understand attorneys are required by the court to provide a certain amount of pro bono service, but it is not a licensing requirement. No insult or belittlement was intended.

A NURSE said...

NJ is a state I won't be living in....I have other volunteer work and it doesn't involve nursing - but thanks anyway!