Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sam's Club Practice?

Well maybe not Sam's Club exactly...

I saw an ad in the Sunday paper by a local internist. For the "price of a daily cup of gourmet coffee" you could become an exclusive member of his practice and receive exceptional access and good, old fashioned personalized care. He announced that he was currently interviewing patients.

It's an interesting idea. I wonder how many people are going to take him up on it. What exactly he is offering. And, what his criteria for acceptance into his practice are. I'll keep an eye on it. Any thoughts?


SkepticAl said...

If your gourmet coffee is $3 that's $1095/year. I'm guessing that's for boutique-style access. The real question is what, exactly, does your $3/day buy you?

How many patients do you need to make that work?

EE said...

How odd.