Monday, March 9, 2009

The Other Guy Started It......

In The Happy Hospitalists blog is an entry about a dentist who is less than thrilled about paying more in taxes if she breaks a certain income threshhold.

To her it appears to be a "tipping point" ,as described by Nurse K, where the effort is no longer worth it. Anyway, what really torqued my lugnuts was a remark by David MD: "Any dentist earning more than $250,000 per year is not doing enough to see the poor that can't afford dental care. "

Weeeeeeeeellllll David , me bucko! Since when did good works and morality get tied to income? Dentists have been smart enough not to get sucked into the managed care mess that afflicts most health care today. A Wall Street Journal article several years ago showed that the average general dentist made about 170K per year. And ya know what Davy? We give a lot of it back to the community. We don't need the government or a bunch of Birkenstock wearing, latte sipping, 10 year old Volvo driving, knee jerk, boo-hoo liberals telling us how to provide for the poor. I have spent the past two decades providing health care in some of the worst hell holes on this planet . I can't wait to retire and start making as much money as I can so I can go back to some of those places and do some more. The less the government takes from me the more I will be able to do good works with!

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